Tuesday, March 14, 2006

first we checked homework .. which was page 10.4 and 10.5 ..
then we reviewed some questions on page 10.5

QUESTION 5 page 10.5
one way to find out the oppsite angle is to take 180 (straight angle) and subtract the other angle
for example:
180 - 66 = 114 and then that would be the other side.
if angle X is 114 then the angle right across which is angle Z would be 114 aswell.

QUESTION 10 page 10.5

exactly the same.
if the angle right across from 90 degrees then the oppsite side would be 90 degrees too.

QUESTION 12 page 10.5

if you find out one side and you find out one of the angles are 180 degrees or 90 degrees then you can figure out all the angles in the supplementry angles.

Then we reviewed the alternate angles. Alternate angles are the interior angles on the oppsite side of the transversal angle.

the alternate angle and the oppsite angle can be confusing. You can mistake on for another.

Then we reviewed the transversal angle ..

We had a in class assiment where we had to find ..
3 oppsite angles
and 3 alternate angles.

Then we started a new lesson about triangles.

First we did a web about triangles. And we had to write everything we know about triangles. For example: you could just draw a triangle, or you could have said it was a shape, or you could have said how many sides they have.

Then we had to figure out how many angles a triangle has. BUT the reflex angles dont count so there is only 3 angles for 3 sides.

THAT WAS ALL THE STUFF WE DID TODAY -- sorry there is no pictures =(

The next scribe will be APRIL TORRALBA !!

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At 2:20 PM, Blogger Mr. Reece said...

These are great scribe notes Jerica even if you did not include any pictures to show your work.

Mr. R


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