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growing post #4

is the coefficient, which is combined with the variable
x- this represents numbers. x is the variable. the numbers it reprsents may vary because you can subsitute it with one or more numbers.

is the constant. The constant will never ever change in an expression.
y- is the solution to a formula.

Question 1:Formulas. we've learned how to write algebraic equations in the form of mx+b=Y. Convert these two sentences into algebraic equations using the above formula.

sentence 1: Scott is two years older than Donald who turns 12 on June 21st 2006. Write this sentence in the format of mx+b=y, then convert it into an expression which allows us to figure out the age of Scott.
D=the age of Donald S=the age of Scott
11 + 2 = S
11 + 2 = 13
Scott is 13 years of age

Since Donald is turning 12 on June 21st he is still 11, there for if Scott is two years older than Donald, then that would make Scott 13 while Donald is 11.

sentence 2: Elizabeth has $200 in her savings account. She makes $40 every two weeks babysitting for her next door neighbors. If Elizabeth saves all of her money solve fo rhow much money she will have in year.
The formula for the is [ 200x + 40 = y ]
200+ 40n = y
200 + 40(24) = y
200 + 960 = y
200 + 960 = 1160

Question 2: Creation. You need to create two questions for your classmates that cover concepts (ex. T-Charts, patterns, equations, graphs etc.) that you have learned in this unit on Algebra. You then need to show how to solce the questions. Your mark will be based upon the level of questions deifficulty, and the effect put into your answer.

It's the first day of June and you decide to start saving up your weekly allowence in a piggy bank because you are going to Edmonton on the first week of July. You start off with $200 in your piggy bank, and your dad gives you $20 dollars each week. How much money will you have by the end of this month?

200 + 20 n = solution
200 + 20 (5) = solution
200 + 100 = solution
200 + 100 = $300
you will have $300 by the time you go to Edmonton because there are 5 weeks in June so you multiply 20 by 5 then you add the coefficient with the constant then you get you solution.

Question 3: Reflection
You need to look back at the chart that we filled out during the first day of the unit. This is the chart where you coloured a topic red, yellow or green. You now need to pick the one concept that you coloured yellow of red and reflect in words what ned skill/ idea that you have learned on this topic.

In algebra I've learned how to create algeraic equations. And the other things just refreshed my memory on what i already knew but forgot.
I used to hate creating algebraic formula's because I always got frustrated trying to figure out which number goes where. But now that I understand it i wont get as frustrated as before.
solving equations used to take me so long to do because it kind of took me a while to understand what the questions wants me to do. But now i know exactly how to solve Equations.
For example, if you add subtract or ect. to one side then you have to do it to the other side of the = sign for you to get the correct answer.

Question 4: Preparing for the final exam.
You need to think about the year that has past in mathematics and decide which topic is your weakest, and what you need to lear during class reveiw in order to prepare yourself for the final exam. It is not enough to say fractions, instead pick you weakest area of fractions, say the subtration of fractions, and give and example of what you don't understand.

creating a word problem for algebra. It's hard for me to think of what the problem should have and how many numbers or the topic of the problem.

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At 12:46 PM, Blogger Mr. Reece said...

You didn't give two seperate questions for question #2. Was the creation of the T-chart the second question? As well there are 52 weeks in a year which means that you should use 52/2 = 26 not 24

your mark is 21/25


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