Monday, May 22, 2006

Tears' Growing Post For May 23rd !!!

May 23, 2006 ----> Growing Post <----------
Question #1: Solve all 3 parts of the problem below :
Jack collects baseball cards. Jack has 180 baseball cards in his collection. At the end of each month Jack buys 25 baseball cards to add to his collection.
a) Create a T-Chart showing how many baseball cards Jack has at the end of the next 4 months.

**I CIRCLED the number of cards Jack would have after 4 months and I also circled the 4th month.**

b) Create an algebraic formula based upon the problem above.

FORMULA---------> 180+ 25c <---------- FORMULA
**I picked c as the variable to represent cards.**
c) If Jack just turned 8 years old this month and Jack continues to buy the same amount of baseball cards each month, how many baseball cards will jack have when he turns 12?
180+25c= 180+25(48)= 180+1,200=1,380
ANSWER: Jack would have 1,380 baseball cards.
**To get how many moths it would take Jack to be 12 years old, you first have to subtract 8 years from 12 years. So 12-8 = 4 years. Then you multiply 4 years to 12 months. So 12 x 4= 48 months.**
Question #2: Use the chart to figure out the questions below. Jackie is planning on having a pizza party with some of her friends. She is trying to figure out how many pizza’s to order. She knows that each pizza has six slices of pizza.

{I drew this again in paint so that you guys can see it better}

a)If Jackie thinks that there will be four people at the party (counting herself) how many pizza’s should she order?

ANSWER: Jackie will need 2 pizza.

** I got 2 pizza as the answer because the chart shows that 4 people will have 12 slices of pizza and each pizza has 6 slices of pizza. So they need 2 pizza to get 12 slices of pizza. So each of them will have 3 slices of pizza.**
b)If two more people show up at the party how many more pizza’s does she need to order?

ANSWER: Jackie will need 3 pizza.
**I got 3 pizza as the answer because there were 4 people but if 2 more people shows up that makes up to 6 people. The chart shows that 6 people will have 18 slices of pizza and in each pizza there are 6 slices. So they need 3 pizza to get 18 slices of pizza. So each person would get 3 slices of pizza.**

Question #3: Answer the questions below based upon this information:
Kathy has $20 in her savings account. Each month she adds another $15 to her savings account. In order to calculate how much money she will have in one year Kathy has created this algebraic formula: 20 + 15n = Savings amount

a) Calculate how much money Kathy will have in one year

20+180= 200

ANSWER: Kathy will have $200 in one year.

** I got 12 in the brackets because there are 12 months in a year.**

b) Suppose Kathy counted wrong and she really has $25 in her account instead of $20. Change the algebraic formula to reflect this miscalculation.
25+15n=Savings amount

**Just for fun I tried to solve how much money she'll have in a year if she has $25 in her savings account. Look below:**

ANSWER: She'll have $205 in a year.

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