Thursday, May 18, 2006

Scribe Post for Tuesday May 16

Hi my name is Cindy and i'm the scribe for today.
What we did today was mental math for 2 and a half minutes. We learned how to find the range, you subtract the biggest number to the smallest number. We also learned about bar notation, you put a line to the number or numbers that is repeating. Today Mr. Reece handed out our math test corrections and unless you have a redo word on your corrections your marks is what you see in your paper. We also learned 1+2r is the formula for algebra. The R could be any letters but we choose the R. Mr. Reece drew shape 1 with 3 boxes, he drew shape 2 with 5 boxes, he drew shape 3 with 7 boxes and we have to figure out the next 3 shapes. The pattern is you add 2 more boxes to every new shape. So shape 4 is 9, shape 5 is 11, and shape 6 is 13 boxes.

Mr.Reece made 3 shapes. This is what it looked like.

Then after Mr.Reece told us to find out the next 3 shapes of the pattern. Just like this picture right here.

Then after Mr.Reece told us to make a T-Chart.

After that Mr.Reece told us to write this formula.

Creat an Algebraic Formula
An Algebraic Formula for any changing pattern needs the following components.

1- Starting Point
2-Changing from one step to the next
3- A variable that represents any posible step in our pattern.

x + 7 =10
The X is the variable.

Then Mr.Reece told us to write this in our notebook.

Start + Change (variable) = ??

After that Mr.Reece tought us how to find the answer for this question.
1 + 2r =
Then on the T-chart we made earlier, Mr.Reece told us to pick a step. For me I picked Step 3.
After you pick the step it would be (R) and that is the variable.
Next Mr.Reece told us to do this:
Multiply 2 by r (3) which gives you 6
After you add the 1 + 6 = 7.
7 is the answer.

This is all we did in class today.
The next scribe for tomorrow is Shawn Masesar. (Sorry if i can't spell your last name right!.)


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At 12:14 PM, Blogger Mr. Reece said...

Thank you for the wonderful post Cindy

At 1:17 PM, Blogger   maaayne said...

goodeee jobee cindee ! xP lol


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