Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Scribe 05/17/06

Today at the beginning of class we did, " Mental Math," then quickly after that we learned some more things on our Algebra Unit.

In Mental Math we had some simple questions like:

42.0 x 100 = 4200.0
2 quarters = 10 nickels
? /100 = 0.2 ( ? = 20 because 100 x 0.2 = 20 )
If a girl is going to be a teenager in 5 years, how old is she now? 8 years old

and others.

Then we wrote down a meaning for one of the most important words in algebra.

Variable - a number in an expression which will change

Then Mr. Reece gave us two problems to do where we needed to use a variable to solve the problem. We also needed to make up our own Algebraic expression.

Problem #1
A blizzard has started in Winnipeg. It has already snowed 5cm. It is snowing 2 new centimetres each hour. How much snow has fallen at the end of 8 hours?

5 + 2a

5 + 2(8) (2 x 8=16)

5 + 16= 21 cm

The "a" is the variable in this case and is changed to the 8 because it is our missing quantity. Then you multiply 2 x 8 which is 16 and add it to the start which is 5 and you get 21 cm.

Problem #2
You have already scored 20 baskets and you will score 5 new baskets each game you play. If you still have 15 games to play this year how many baskets will you have in total?

20 + 5b

20 + 5(15) ( 5 x 15=75)

20 + 75=95 baskets

The "b" is our variable and is changed to 15 because its our missing quantity. Again you multiply 5 x 15 = 75 and add it to the start 20 and you get 95 baskets.

Then Mr. Reece told us to do the same question but instead of playing 15 games they're going to play 20 games.

20 + 5b

20 + 5(20) (5 x 20=120)

20 + 100=120 baskets ("same process")

After that Mr. Reece gave us a worksheet which is on Algebraic Expressions and we have to solve them and put the letters in the matching boxes to make a word at the end.



This worksheet was for homework and is due: may 18/06



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