Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Scribe Notes 4/19/2006

Well, today's class was interesting...Anyway, here's what we did:

We started off going over our coordinate planes from yesterday, the 6 (I think) coordinates we had to put on the grid coordinate plane, during which Mr. Reece helpfully reminded us all that people sleep horizontally, unless they were in space with zero gravity, or some weird kind of bat creature. Mr Reece also reminded us that the Y axis is vertical, and the X axis is horizontal, and that before you start with a coordinate plane, you need to mark them down:

After that, we got new sheets of coordinate plane paper, and he gave us a new assignment.

He gave us coordinates for 4 new shapes, and they all make a shape.
A: Start at (4, -8)
B: Right 6
C: Up 7, left 3.
It makes a triangle:


E. Start at (-11, 13)
F. Down 1, Right 7
G. Down 4, Left 2
H. Up 1, Left 7
It makes a parallelogram:


A. Start at (-10, -1)
B. Down 2, Right 2
C. Down 6, Right 2
D. Up 2, Right 2
E. Down 2, Right 2
F. Down 4, Left 4
G. Up 2, Left 2
H. Up 6, Left 2
I. Down 2, Left 2
J. Up 2, Left 2
K. Up 4, Right 4
It makes a sort of "Z" shaped thing if you tilt your head to the left:


A. Start at (1, 7)
B. Down 3, Right 1
C. Up 1, Left 4
D. Down 2, Left 2
E. Down 3, Right 6
F. Up 2, Right 2
G. Up 3, Left 1
H. Down 1, Right 3
I. Up 2, Right 2
J. Up 6, Left 3
K. Down 2, Left 2
L. Down 4, Right 1
It looks kind of like a W, I don't know if you guys got the same thing, though:

For Homework today, we basically had nothing, I'm not sure whether we needed to finish these 4 shapes or not... anyway, tomorrow's scribe is......

TIMMY!!!! :P
See you later everyone, and I hope the scribe list is accurate.


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Duuude, cool scribe post...

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keep it up

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wow!!!!!!! don't waste youre fingers on typing james!!!!
good post!

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