Monday, March 13, 2006

things we did today...

Today we learned 2 new lines: Parallel Lines and a Transversal Line.

Here are the definitions and how to draw these lines.

Parallel Lines:
Two or more lines that never intersect.

Transversal Line:
A transversal line intersects two or more lines at different pionts.

We also did some comparing:
We had to find wich angles equal each other.

It may be hard to see but these angles are elqual to each other:

<1 = <3
<1 = <5
<1 = <7
<2 = <4
<2 = <6

2 = <8
<5 = <7
<6 = <8

We also did types of angles. I'll show the transversal line to show what I mean.
We learned co-interior angles, co-exterior angles, alternate interior angles, and corresponding angles.

Alternate interior angles are always opposite to each other and corresponding angles are always equal to each other.

<4 and <5 are co-interior angles, and so is <3 and <6

<1 and <8 are co-exterior angles, and so is <2 and <7

<4 and <6 are alternate interior angles, and so is <5 and <3
<3 and <7 are corresponding angles, and so are <8 and <4, <1 and <5, <2 and <6

We also got a new booklet. It is all about angles. The sad part is, is that we have homework in it. The pages we have to do are lessons 10.4, but even numbers only, page C64 and 10.5, 1-13, page C65.

So do the homework! It is very easy if you know how to add or subract, and if you have a protractor with you.

We also have to finish our graph in Social Studies, and if we want to, we can do our writing in L.A, and get ready for that test coming up soon in French. We are having a review on the Vocabulaire, pages 105 and 109.

The class scribe for tomorrow will be..uhm...uh..April..!! .. muahahahaha!!..jk

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At 7:00 AM, Blogger Mr. Reece said...

Great scribe notes Marygrace. I'm very impressed by the effort that you put into teaching the rest of the class what happened in class yesterday.

Mr. Reece


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