Thursday, March 23, 2006

»» sribe for maarch 22 & 23 ;)

k as you know i'm the sribe for yesterdaay and todaay .. i am gonna be taalking about stuuff we did yesterdaay first.. so here :

Sribe for March 22`06

First, we reviewed the homework from March 21, 10.6 The Sum of the Angles in a Triangle - Questions 3, 11 and 14

Question # 3 :

To find the missing angle for this triangle, add 120 and 40 together. It'll give you an answer which is 160 . Now, subtract 160 to 180. The ANSWER is 20 degrees .

Question # 11 :

To fiind the size of this exterior angle, you haaave to subtract 73 by 180 . So the ANSWER is 107 .

Question # 14 :

To find the unknown angles for thiis one, add 50 and 70 together. You'll get 120 as the answer, subtract it by 180, so the ANSWER for a is 60 . The ANSWER for b is also 60 degrees too because a and b are opposite . Now, add 53 and 60 together then subtraact the sum to 180. You'll get the ANSWER for c which is 67 .

Then Mr. Reece read the story "The Greedy Triangle" to us . It was about a triaaangle who was unhaapy with hiis shaape. He kept on getting loads of loads of sides. He used the shaape shifter so maany times that he turned in to Quadrilateral, Square, Pentagon, Hexagon and to many more polygons. But then when he turned in to a circle..he decided thaat he's haapy with his originaal shape which is the triangle .

Then after, Mr.Reece gave us the sheet wiith triaangles in it. We haad to cut the shaapes and cut them in to pieces . Using the pieces we haad to find out about other shaapes thaat we could maake .

[!] Remember that a triangle is equal to 180 degrees. It haas 3 sides and 3 angles.

Mr. Reece also told us that we haave to stuudy for the quiz todaay .


Sribe for Maarch 23`06

Todaay we looked at the blogger and Mr.Reece showed us the maap thing whiich shows people from different countries that visited our math blogger .

This is one of the examples that we did on the smaartboard .
- Which Hexagon has the correct number of triangles ?

The one in the left is right because there's less triangles and you measure it in interior .

After thaat, we reveiwed for the quiz then we waatched a video about angles and triaangles . Then we started the quuiz. (:





- TLE Classiying Angles DUE

- Spring Fling Dance ;)

- Basketball Assembly

--thaats all i thiink.. ch`yeah .

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Great Scribe Charmaine......Cool pictures tooo.

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Wow! that is amazing!!!!!....nice pics I'm vary proud of you..=)

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greatjob...u said a lot..

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