Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Scribe for March 21, 2006

Hello everyone, I'm the scribe for today. Yeppeee!!! If I miss something kindly tell me please! Today we learned tons of great things.

9:05 ----> WE STARTED CLASS!!!

1.What did we do in class today?

First, we reviewed the web we did on March 14 and it is about triangles. It looks like this:

2. What did we learn during this activity?

We learned that a triangle has 3 sides and it is a polygon. We also learned that a polygon is a closed figure that is composed of a FINITE number of line segments.

3. What did we do next?
Mr. Reece gave us a paper with full of dots and we have to make 5 to 6 triangles by connecting some dots. We should have a equilateral triangle , isosceles triangle and scalene triangle. The paper looks like this:

Equilateral Triangle: Is a triangle with 3 equal sides.

Isosceles Triangle: Is a triangle with only 2 equal sides.

Scalene Triange: Is a triangle with no equal sides.

4. What happened next?
We answered these 3 questions to what we know about triangles:

- How many sides? 3 sides

- How many angles? 3 angles

- What do all of the angles added together equal? 180 degrees

4. What did we wrote down?
This is the notes we wrote down:

Regular versus Irregular Polygons

What is a regular polygon?

If all the sides and all the angles of a polygon are equal the polygon is said to be regular.

What is a irregular polygon?

Irregular polygons have sides of differing lengths and angles of differing measure.

5. What else did we do today?
Mr. Reece gave us a yellow paper and we have to cut it to half and we should make our triangle differeng by cutting it. We could make it scalene triangle or isosceles triangle or equilateral triangle.

After we are done our triangles we have to measure the interior angle and see what the total of the 3 sides.

Tomorrow , we are going to learn about How do we label sides that are equal!!!!

The Math worksheet 10.6 is due tomorrow.

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