Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Question #2

  • Group Members: Shawn, Boeun, Camille, Tim

  • Question #2:

At Maverick Middle School, each student must take 3 of these 4 classes: music, art, drama, or keyboarding. How many different combinations do students have from which to choose?

  • Steps:

Music (M) Art (A) Drama (D) Keyboarding (K)

1. M-A-D (Music-Art-Drama)

2. A-D-K (Art-Drama-Keyboarding)

3. D-K-M (Drama-Keyboarding-Music)

4. M-A-K (Music-Art-Keyboarding)

There are 4 diffrent choices that Students can make with Music, Art, Drama, and Keyboarding

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